Lupe Fiasco - Stellar Light / #USMNT Journey

Lupe Fiasco's new song "Stellar Light" has been released as the USMNT's official rallying anthem for the 2014 World Cup. Emotive, energetic, and boastful, "Stellar Light" parallels the dynamic rhythms of the world's most-beautiful game. Building off of the USMNT's courageous World Cup journey, "Stellar Light" celebrates the beating heart of the USMNT, and pays respect to the dedication of the team's diehard fans. A portion of the song is used against the a video backdrop of USMNT highlights; the full-length version of "Stellar Light" will be available in the coming weeks.

Art Crediting:
Art Direction:
 Chuck Anderson (NoPattern.com)

'Lupe Fiasco' type and US Soccer Designs: Futura (futura2000.com)

'Stellar Light' Type: David Rudnick (DavidRudnick.org)